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Livestorm’s Brand Book

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What does Livestorm look like?

Welcome to Livestorm's brand book. Here you'll find everything you need to know about our brand identity. Read on to discover Livestorm's values and key assets. We'll show you exactly how to use our assets and brand image.

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Who are we?

Our vision

A world where people can easily engage with one another no matter where they are.

Our Mission

Enable organizations of any size to connect and engage simply and powerfully.



Meticulously designed and easy to use, Livestorm is the world's first video engagement platform.


Livestorm is an agile and adaptable platform, ideal for online meetings, virtual events, webinars, and everything in-between.


Livestorm is the world's leading end-to-end platform that can connect, engage, collaborate, and measure your video events in a single place.


Our browser-based platform is easy to use, enabling people worldwide to connect and engage in an instant.


Be resourceful

We think on our feet and are always on the lookout for clever solutions

Stay Humble

​Our approach is about perspective, not ego

Remain curious

We’re eager to learn, share and grow across teams

Claim ownership

We put things in motion, own our wins and fails, and report transparently


Our tone is friendly, and most of the time relaxed but professional

Livestorm has the Everyperson personality brand archetype. We possess a charming sincerity, and we strive to be helpful and friendly. This is reflected by our tone, which is professional, genuine, and pleasant.