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Illustrate the concept

In our field, some concepts can be abstract. We use 3D illustration to make them more tangible. We want to give colors, shapes, textures, and meaning to important but invisible things.

You’ll see more and more of those, we use them to represent the places you’re in when using Livestorm. Presenting, reporting, planning or just participating.
The Dashboard
This is the representation of your Livestorm Dashboard. This is where you find all the buttons, connectors and indicators to make your live event a success.
Modules are meant to represent isolated parts of Livestorm's dashboard. They represent some key actions that Livestorm allows.
Livestorm integrates with thousands of software. We imagine these integrations as tokens that can be assembled to build the perfect stack.
This illustration is used on Plugins SDK related content. It represents all of the plugins that can connect to Livestorm to make magic.
UI bits
We turn our favorite UI elements into 3D buttons to better illustrate the features.
Partners pages
Devs hub
Usecases badges
These illustrations are used to represent the most common use cases found for video engagement platforms.
Livestorm Ideas
Livestorm Help Center
Timer app
Breakout rooms
Live demo background
Video engagement score calculator
3D emojis set
Livestorm pricing illustration
Sign-up illustration
Livestorm Legal center
Testimonials illustration