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Light Livestorm logo.

Giving life to illustration

Even if illustration is already a great way to describe some concepts that can seem abstract, motion gives an additional layer of information and helps us catch the attention thanks to playful and satisfying movement. Motion is what ties our whole branding together.

Animating the logo

Typography animation

Here are some text motion mechanics we use frequently.

Additional info
Chapter title

Video & motion

Motion is also used to illustrate and reinforce our words.


Sample of a curve we regularly use to give rhythm and smoothness to our animations.

3D & motion

We also use 3D motion for our advertising content and product shots, which allow us to have more creative freedom and impact by materializing the product and concepts.


Here are some videos using 3D for big announcements.

Product shot

Blending 3D and motion in product shots allow us to bring depth to a new feature (and above all, it rocks!)

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