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Add human element to the brand

Livestorm connects people. While we can visualize abstract concepts with 3D props, we also wanted to show real people using our product. But to be able to show our true colors, we couldn’t use stock photos. So we decided to shoot our own, and who better than our own employees to be our models?

Webcam streams

These photos are meant to be used in screenshots of the room only. They’re seen from the point of view of their webcams. All their names and jobs are fiction, but they’re real Livestorm employees. Except for Henry, nobody knows who Henry is.

Eva Garcia face camera photography.
Eva Garcia
Customer success expert. She’s working from home, because home is where the heart is.
Daniel Smith face camera photography.
Daniel Smith
Human Resources. Working from home, because home is where employees aren’t.
Caroline Taylor face camera photography.
Caroline Taylor
Marketing final boss. She works from her living room, even at night.
Henry Scott face camera photography.
Henry Scott
Support representative. Nobody can fix your problems like good ol unknown Henry.
Michael Allen face camera photography.
Michael Allen
Recruiter. You didn’t know you were on the market for a new job, but Mr. Allen has already hired you.
Nathalie Thomas face camera photography.
Nathalie Thomas
CEO extraordinaire. Nathalie's been breaking glass ceilings since before that term was even invented.
Sarah Martin face camera photography.
Sarah Martin
Teacher. She uses Livestorm, because where else can you mute students?
William Johnson face camera photography.
William Johnson
Sales. He works from his kitchen, because really, you’re lunch for him.

External POV

They're meant to be used everywhere we want to show humans using Livestorm like in ads, on the website, in slides, and more.

Eva Garcia external point of view photography.
Sarah Martin external point of view photography.
Nathalie Thomas external point of view photography.
William Johnson external point of view photography.
Daniel Smith external point of view photography.

From videos to photos

We never shot any photos. Everything is video. We used a camera that is so good that we have tons of ultra high quality 4K footage that allows us to extract any image, nice and crisp.

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